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Let’s salute Wild Fridays and remind us all about the fun and adventure of time spent in the great outdoors.

Drink Recipe: The Sunset

https://youtu.be/kxo6BL8VFxE Drink name - The Sunset Ingredients: Tanqueray Gin Bottle Green Elderflower OJ Grenadine Cherry Cheers, Lucky's

Drink Recipe – Bonsai Shot

https://youtu.be/OIayixiZT6Y Drink name - Bonsai Shot Ingredients Sake The rest is a secret Cheers, Lucky's

Drink Recipe – The Fam Jam

https://youtu.be/mnDbW29VSt8 Drink name - The Fam Jam Ingredients for the kid version 7up Mango Juice Frozen berries Fresh lime Fresh lemon Ingredients for the adults Soda water...

Drink Recipe – The Triple Solo

https://youtu.be/zB1BbGt13QM Drink name - The Triple Solo Ingredients Your favourite beer Fireball McGuinness Crème de Cacao Cheers, Lucky's

Drink Recipe: TNB BDay Martini/Shot

https://youtu.be/xCTVEx6lD6M Drink name - TNB Bday Martini/Shot Ingredients McGuiness Crême de Cacao Stoli Vanilla Vodka Malibu Rum Cheers, Lucky's

Drink Recipe: Kelowna Champagne

https://youtu.be/h0x_z3T97I8 Drink name - Kelowna Champagne Ingredients  Fireball Peach Snapps Lime Cherry Cheers, Lucky's

Drink Recipe: The Dirty Dragon

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guqcjx7G9Q0 Drink name - The Dirty Dragon Ingredients Raspberry Sour Puss Bols Banana Liquor Stoli Vodka Razberi Fresh or Frozen Raspberry Lime Cheers, Lucky's

Drink Recipe: Candied Apple

https://youtu.be/ohqg19URUNI Drink name - Candied Apple Ingredients  Jack Daniels Sour Apple Phillips Butter Ripple Cheers, Lucky's

Drink Recipe: The After 9

https://youtu.be/mSj6kN47x7g Drink name - The After 9 Ingredients  Malibu Rum Finlandia Vodka McGuinness Crême de Cacao McGuinness Peppermint Schnapps Fresh Mint Cheers, Lucky's

Drink Recipe: The Merry Mint

https://youtu.be/-q7NwM4Lty0 Drink name - The Merry Mint Ingredients Peppermint Schnapps  White Cacao Liquer 40 Creek Nanaimo Bar crême liquer Cheers, Lucky's

Drink Recipe: The Black Friday

https://youtu.be/bBDcsOW-2T8 Drink name - The Black Friday Ingredients  Van Gogh Espresso  Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Coffee (optional) Cheers, Lucky's

Drink Recipe: The Blinker

https://youtu.be/HHfbQIrb8oI Drink name - The Blinker Ingredients  Dillions Rye Red Sour Puss Fresh Lime Grapefruit Juice  Cheers, Lucky's

Drink Recipe: French 75

https://youtu.be/pOCWA99ThVE Drink name - French 75 Ingredients  1 oz Contact Gin  1/2 oz Lemon juice  2 Dashes Simple syrup 2 oz Champagne Cheers, Lucky's

Drink Recipe: The Old Pal

https://youtu.be/CrmtggF1yIE Drink name - The Old Pal Ingredients  Dillions Rye Whiskey Campari Dry Vermouth Bitters Cheers, Lucky's

Drink Recipe: Brain Pop

https://youtu.be/y2uGPMkCCSA Drink name - Brain Pop Ingredients  Sambuca Sour Puss Red (raspberry) Pop Rocks Candy Cheers, Lucky's

Drink Recipe: Check Your Candy

https://youtu.be/YIhbu9MelwA Ingredients McGuinness Creme De Cacao White CHAMBORD - BLACK RASPBERRY French Liqueurs Sour Puss Raspberry Liquor Vodka Cheers, Lucky's

Drink Recipe: The Spicy Watermelon (sounds weird but tastes great)

  https://youtu.be/pGWOfnU50x4 Ingredients Spiced Rum Malibu Rum Watermelon Dragon Fruit Juice Red Bull Ice Lime  Cherry And of course, a SPIDER Cheers, Lucky's

Drink Recipe: Banana Ice Mocha

  https://youtu.be/PtGxf5WZCgw   Ingredients  van gogh espresso vodka Baileys white cacao liqueur banana liqueur cold coffee ice CHEERS! Lucky's Liquor Store  

Drink Recipe: The Rise & Shine

https://youtu.be/_Vydd64bnuc Ingredients • Stoli Vanilla Vodka • Baileys • Van Gogh Espresso Vodka • Ice

Drink Recipe – The Twisted Goose

https://youtu.be/4tRjll_AOBA Ingredients • Grey Goose Vodka • Fresh Lemon • Cranberry Juice • Ice • Chilled Martini Glass CHEERS! Lucky's Liquor Store

Drink Recipe – The Port

Drink Recipe - The Port https://youtu.be/T0M2ZwzPoj4 Ingredients Grey Goose Vodka Advocaat Orange Juice Cherry Ice

Drink Recipe – The Back to School

Drink Recipe - The Back to School https://youtu.be/mp3TenVYb6E Ingredients Phillips Butter Ripple Schnapps Sour Puss Apple Apple Juice Soda Water Lime Ice

Drink Recipe: The Bob Ross

Drink Recipe: The Bob Ross https://youtu.be/AgPAg4RJ3Kc   Ingredients Kaluah Frangelico hazelnut liqueur Baileys Coffee (cold)

Drink Recipe: The Fringe

Drink Recipe: The Fringe https://youtu.be/pXS-U0WDT3k   Ingredients Grand Marnier Tanqueray Gin Orange Juice Lemon Cherry Ice
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