Nanaimo RCMP may be pursuing charges against a woman who threw coffee at a McDonald’s drive-through employee.

Constable Gary O’Brien says the investigation is continuing into the coffee throwing incident that occurred on October 14, 2020. The incident was captured in its entirety on a customer’s dash cam video, which showed an adult female throwing a coffee at an employee in the drive thru window, then walking away. 

“This incident struck a nerve with many and the video of the incident was shared numerous times on social media,” O’Brien said.

“In the days following the release of the video, tips from the general public started pouring in. The investigators would like to thank everyone who took the time to call or email with information on a possible suspect. 

The information was extremely helpful as it allowed investigators to narrow the suspect pool and aggressively pursue the incident.”

RCMP investigators expect to be forwarding their report for consideration to Nanaimo Crown Counsel. 

The McDonald’s employee was not hurt in the incident, but at the time RCMP described the incident as an “assault.”