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Government, community groups should work together tackling opioid crisis, premier says 

Premier David Eby says now is the time for community advocacy groups and the government to come together to support the most vulnerable. 

Last month the provincial government announced restriction that would see use of hard drugs once again banned in public areas and give police the power to arrest as a last resort. 

 Eby says his government is open to working with advocacy groups and even now it is imperative to partner with them to help connect people struggling with the help they need. 

“We share a common concern, which is that everyone should feel safe visiting every part of their downtowns,” he says. “I hope these groups, government and community members can all work together to achieve that goal.” 

He adds making sure streets are clean, crime is low and businesses are safe is the priority and that is why building a line of communication with community advocacy groups should be fostered with open dialogue. 

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“When we’re doing things like opening supportive housing for people to respond to encampments, and support for police to do challenging work around public drug use then the whole community needs to pull together,” he says. “This is where these groups can really be helpful.” 

Advocacy groups have formed across the province under the Save our Streets Coalition, and other banners. 

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