Sunshine Coast Community Forest is concerned about the increased illegal firewood poaching activity within the community.

Operations Manager David Lasser says the amount of poaching of standing green timber has been rising significantly and the tree falling practices of these poachers are extremely unsafe for the public.

“I’ve told the RCMP and the Conservation Officer Service that I fully expect to go out in the woods and find someone dead under a tree,” said Lasser.

“The falling practices of these poachers are so bad. Someone’s going to get killed because these poachers don’t know what they’re doing.”
Lasser says you should ask to see a proper provincial license before you buy firewood from anyone.

He says the illegal activity is taking place all over the coast and these poachers tend to move around often.

If you happen to see someone who you suspect is illegally poaching firewood, you should take photos and get a license plate number and forward it to the Community Forest Office.