The Town of Gibsons is holding off on giving any more cannabis shops the okay to operate in town.

An application was sent to the town for a proposal to operate a cannabis shop in Lower Gibsons but ultimately the applicant was told to come back at a later time.

The town is working on a bylaw for these businesses and Councillor Stafford Lumley says they don’t want to give out any more temporary use permits right now.

“Even before this new council was sworn in, we were getting inundated with these kinds of applications,” said Lumley at this weeks Committee of the Whole.

“At the time there were three cannabis stores and until we do the rezoning for these businesses, we felt it’d be best if we just put this to a halt.”

Councillor Aleria Ladwig feels the same and wants to wait until they flush out a bylaw for cannabis dispensaries who want to operate in the town.

“We made a motion to introduce a new bylaw that would look at things like distance from schools, distance from one store to another and the number of stores we’d like to see in our municipality.

The three cannabis shops in town are currently in the midst of getting a temporary use permit and that’s why they are still operational and haven’t had to close their doors.

The town is looking to introduce a new bylaw for cannabis dispensaries during the spring of 2019.