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Province recognizes Haida Nation’s status on Haida Gwaii 

The provincial government says they’re looking to put forward legislation next month that will recognize the Haida Nation’s Aboriginal title across Haida Gwaii.  

According to a media release, the Haida Nation Recognition Amendment Act received royal assent on May 16, which conforms to the Gaayhllxid Giihlagagang “Rising Tide” Haida Title Lands Agreement and will recognize their title in the laws of BC. 

 The province says the new legislation will outline a process to determine how different aspects of the land and resource management will transition to the Haida Nation, which is scheduled to start with protected areas and forestry. 

They add the change will not impact laws, or boundaries already in place. 

“BC’s recognition of Aboriginal title will not impact anyone’s private property, or local government jurisdiction, bylaws and local government lands on Haida Gwaii,” they say in a media release. “All provincial and government service will remain unchanged on and after the effective date, and provincial laws will continue to apply.” 

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Local governments and governments will continue to see the plan unfold, as the province continues to build a future on Haida Gwaii.  

They say the transition period will be done with existing decision-making processes while the province and the Council of the Haida Gwaii Nation work together to reconcile BC. 

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