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Nanaimo Mayoral Profile: Tasha Brown

My Coast Now is profiling every mayoral candidate in the 2022 municipal election.

49-year-old Tasha Brown has lived in Nanaimo for 35 years. She works as a secondary school teacher in Parksville, though lives out of Nanaimo.

We asked Brown ‘what do you see as the prime issue in Nanaimo and how would you handle it?’

“Although there have been some positive changes in Nanaimo , there have been many factors that have contributed to Nanaimo’s growing struggles as a city. Serious crimes are up 44% in the last year, rental prices have skyrocketed, local businesses have and continue to struggle to survive, and our homeless population has grown to over an estimated 700 people living on the streets and parks of Nanaimo. The citizens that I have heard from, do not feel safe in our city, but most of the concerns for the city are intertwined, so it is difficult to pinpoint the prime issue. That being said, it was citizen safety that compelled me to run for mayor, so safety would be my prime issue that I would like to address immediately.  

The fact is, it is going to take a united community to overcome many of the issues that we face. The underlying theme of my campaign is “Bringing Back Community” and I truly believe that having a mayor that is visible, accessible and takes a “boots to the ground” approach is what Nanaimo needs. Of course, I would be pressuring the Justice and Healthcare systems for financial support, but I will also be taking an active and supporting role in bringing change while we wait for finances or changes from those mentioned systems. By active and supporting role I mean: 

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 Hosting fundraising events for: 

  • Support for auxiliary police 
  • Shelter/affordable shelter facilities  
  • Mental health shelter/facilities 
  • Support for Neighbourhood Associations  
  • Support to existing organizations helping the homeless. 

My life and work experiences have enabled me to become a confident individual who will speak my truths, work effectively and efficiently, and do what is required and necessary to succeed. I cannot continue to complain about the state of our city if I take no action for change. I do believe it’s time to use the power of community to propel positive change, and I am ready to be the voice of positive action and change for our city.”

Election Day is October 15th with an advance voting opportunity on the 12th. A map of the voting locations is available here.

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