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Sunshine Coast & Nanaimo water restrictions raise to highest level

Water restrictions along the coast and on the island have been raised to their highest level, as the fall sees little rain and a lot of sun.

The Regional District of Nanaimo is also affected by the water restrictions.

The City of Nanaimo will continue watering restrictions until the end of October, and says they have sufficient water for community needs and to maintain environmental flow releases— such as the pulse release for returning Chinook salmon.

Photo provided by the Regional District of Nanaimo.

On the Sunshine Coast, the Chapman Water System is currently at Stage 4 water conservation regulations. The Eastbourne Water System will follow Stage 4 water conservation regulations as well. 

The South Pender Harbour water system is on Stage 2.

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Water users on the Egmont, Earls Cove, North Pender Harbour, Langdale, Soames Point, and Granthams Landing are asked to follow Stage 1 water conservation regulations.

Restrictions include a ban on all lawn watering activities. Residents are not permitted to wash vehicles, boats or siding. They are also not allowed to fill fountains, pools or hot tubs. Hand-watering is allowed, so long as the container or hose is equipped with a ‘shut-off’ device.

In the Nanaimo Regional District, vegetable gardens and fruit trees are exempt from all watering restrictions, even Stage 4. 

Private wells are not subject to watering restrictions, but it is recommended that water be conserved by those with private wells anyways.

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