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Survey finds pets may be increasing AC use in B.C., BC Hydro

Having little furballs in your home may be contributing to increased air-conditioning use in homes across B.C.

The findings are from a recent BC Hydro survey. They say 800 people were surveyed online between June 10 and 13.

The survey found that AC is the most common way (33%) for people in the province to cool their homes in the summer.

Fans were the next common at 30 per cent, and providing a cool drink at 12 percent.

Hydro says the survey found three-quarters of respondents say they leave the air conditioning on if they have pets at home during the day, sometimes all day. They add that cost is not a big concern when it comes to pets.

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The electricity company says AC use in the province has increased by about 50 per cent over the last decade, with 40 per cent of British Columbians now using it to cool down.

Hydro adds AC can be a home’s biggest expense at around $300 for summer months.

They recommend investing in a heat pump with rebates available or a window AC unit, using a cooling mat in a cool room to help keep pets cool, shading windows and using ceiling fans.

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