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WildSafeBC warns about bears breaking into vehicles

You may worry about your vehicle getting broken into and having your items rifled through, but sometimes the culprit may only be after your pic-a-nic baskets.

After a number of reports, WildSafeBC is warning the public about the possibility of a bear breaking into your vehicle.

According to officials, some bears across the province have learned that parked vehicles can sometimes harbour tasty treats.

The organization has offered a few tips to help you lower the chances of your vehicle being ransacked by a bear.

  • Keep your doors locked.
  • Never leave food or items that smell like food in your vehicle. This could include wrappers, fast food bags, pizza boxes and other garbage.
  • When camping in a tent, keep your food inside a sealed container inside a locked vehicle.

WildSafeBC emphasized the importance of taking extra precautions when visiting an area with high conflict with bears.

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