Edible Notables: Swept Away Inn

Edible Notables: Swept Away Inn

“It’s amazing how when you put love on a plate, you get a lot back.”

We moved from Ontario to pursue our West Coast dream of living on the ocean with the goal of seeing the world through other people as we welcome them aboard our floating home.”

Eight years ago, Daniel and Bouchra Savard purchased a 100-foot converted tugboat. For the last six years, they have been operating the boat as a seven-bedroom B&B with a Moroccan/French cuisine restaurant. Despite not having previous experience or training in the industry, they knew that what they did have was a passion for real food and entertainment. “We decided to do what we love [and] followed our hearts,” says Daniel. 

Following their hearts meant combining Daniel’s love of boats and pastries with Bouchra’s experience growing up in Morocco and using authentic ingredients in her cooking. The result is Swept Away Inn, where they provide guests with a unique West Coast accommodation experience and Bouchra’s pure Moroccan cuisine. Bouchra’s deep knowledge of spices and slow cooking combine to create delicious and healthy dishes, which are served as pre-fixed family-style meals with multiple courses served during a three-hour dining experience. 

“We cook from fresh, local, organic and seasonal ingredients, with real imported spices directly from Morocco,” Bouchra says proudly. Using local and seasonal ingredients allows her creativity in the kitchen to shine. “When you are cooking from fresh every day, the menu turns out different,” she explains. “You just learn to go with it.”

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But just because they are living their dream and pursuing their passions doesn’t mean it’s easy work. In fact, quite the opposite: “We run 18 hours a day, 7 days a week through the entire summer season,” Daniel says. “It’s hard work—really hard. We are totally used up at the end of the season.”

Despite the hard work, the pair can’t help but smile as the summer concludes—because their favourite part about running the business is meeting the many people who board their floating B&B. “It’s amazing how when you put love on a plate, you get a lot back.”

This article was originally featured on Edible Vancouver Island on October 21, 2021.


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