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Water restrictions effective immediately due to heat wave

Stage 3 Watering Restrictions for eight of the nine Regional District of Nanaimo communities have been made effective immediately.

The district cites ‘increased demand on local water resources’ because of the heatwave as to why water must be restricted.

Residents are asked to reduce non-essential outdoor water use, such as washing their cars or watering lawns. 

Permitted watering times are between 7- 10 a.m. or 7 -10 p.m. for no more than two hours total allocated per day. The same watering schedule as Stage 2 will be maintained, even days for even numbered houses and on odd days for odd numbered houses.

Some helpful ways to cut back on water use include:

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  • Reduce the lawn irrigation on your property by decreasing sprinkler run times, cutting back on the number of watering days and refraining from sprinkling certain lawn areas. Lawns naturally go dormant in the summer months and return with fall rains.
  • Avoid washing vehicles or boats unnecessarily, unless for safety reasons.
  • Sweep outdoor surfaces with a broom rather than using a hose or power washing.
  • Retrofit leaking or inefficient irrigation systems.
  • Add mulch/topsoil to aid in landscape water retention so you can decrease sprinkler run times.

For many water systems in the region, Stage 2 Watering Restrictions have been in effect since May 1, 2021, including for customers of eight of the nine RDN Water Service Areas. Ongoing Stage 4 Watering restrictions remain in place for the RDN’s Decourcey Water Service Area.

Current restrictions in place for various areas.

For a map that displays the water service areas including their current watering restrictions and tips on water conservation, visit rdn.bc.ca/watering-restriction-map and teamwatersmart.ca.

“Reducing discretionary outdoor water use is necessary to keep up with essential water demands during these extreme conditions. We appreciate the continued efforts of residents in taking these water conservation measures,” said Tyler Brown, RDN Chair. “We also want to ensure that residents know they can continue to use water to cool off, stay hydrated and stay safe.”

The district says that if the demand does not decrease, they will move on to Stage 4 of water restrictions. 

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