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Items linked to two teen fugitives found on Manitoba river shore; Ottawa won’t take action on potential handgun bans before election

RCMP confirm items and damage boat prompted search of Nelson River

We now know why RCMP ordered an underwater search of the Nelson River in Manitoba but police still aren’t releasing all the details. Items directly linked to the two teens suspected of killing three people in B.C. were found on the shore. RCMP won’t say what the items are just that they were found the same day as a damaged boat in the area. The area has been the focus for more than a week in the hunt for Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod.

Ottawa asked to reevaluate potential gun bans after Toronto shootings

There is a renewed call for handgun bans in Canada, but the federal government won’t take any action before October’s election. The CBC said 17 gun-related injuries from 14 different shootings in Toronto over the long weekend renewed concerns. Toronto City Council first asked for a ban after the fatal Danforth shooting a year ago and again after the Raptors parade shooting in June.

Rockslide blocking salmon run could affect First Nations groups

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Crews are running out of time to move a rockslide blocking salmon runs on the Fraser River. Thousands of Salmon have been flown past the slide by helicopter, but there are still thousands stuck and millions on the way. Crews are building a natural path to the migration route and if they fail it will most affect First Nations groups who depend on the fish for food.

Trump to visit mass shooting locations Wednesday

Donald Trump isn’t expected to get a warm welcome as he visits the cities of two mass shootings over the weekend. While the U.S. president aims to bring messages of unity, he is being criticized for contributing to the hate that may have caused the shootings. Trump’s anti-immigration views were similar to the El Paso shooter who killed 22 people outside a Walmart.

Group wants easier access to non-intoxicating cannabis extract 

An organization want’s CBD oil to be classified as a natural health product people can get over the counter. The Canadian Food Association says it should be an election issue. They claim cannabis extract, which isn’t intoxicating, can manage pain, anxiety and insomnia. The group also says it doesn’t make sense that pharmacies make it easier to get high than healthy.

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