Nanaimo Council has endorsed a liquor license change for Splitsville, more than a year after the original application from the new owners of the Calder Road bowling alley met with concern from neighbours and the RCMP.

Those concerns included things like drinking in the parking lot, noise, and unruly behaviour.

Splitsville’s Pat Haggerty told councillors they’ve been working with the RCMP and the people in the neighbourhood and feel they have a solid plan to prevent those problems.  They’re also signing a “good neighbour agreement”.

The effort impressed Mayor John Ruttan.  “In the past this particular site has had challenges… and I just want to I’m very pleased to see all the changes you’ve implemented,” he told Haggery.  Ruttan also says he has a lot of confidence in the effectiveness of the good neighbour agreements the City has been using for several licensed establishments.


Although Council has offered an endoresement, the province will have the final say on granting the license change.