Before the hammer starts swinging on the tiny home you may want to live in you should know that, at this point, the concept is not an acceptable one in B.C.
Tom Armet, the Manager of Building and Bylaw Services with the Regional District of Nanaimo says they do get requests for permits for tiny homes but the issue is really out of their hands……

Armet says there may be other options….

We asked Andrew Allen, Manager, Planning and Development with the SCRD for an opinion but he only responded by email saying until the District has an application in front of them it wouldn’t be possible to conclude if it fits within the current zoning.
A local resident is looking to raise funds to provide more affordable housing on the Sunshine Coast.

Pam Robertson says she’s she’s launched a go fund me page and has plans to raise enough money to purchase an 11-acre property near Langdale so they can build tiny homes.