Green MLA Andrew Weaver says he came away from a town hall event with a better grasp on Island Health’s Care Delivery Model Redesign, but he didn’t hear much to ease his concerns.

Weaver, who represents Oak Bay – Gordon Head, organized Thursday night’s meeting after constituents came to him worried about plans for CDMR at Victoria hospitals in April. It’s already in place at NRGH, where care aids have started doing some of the things nurses used to do.

The town hall brought together academics, nurses, patients and others.

Weaver says after hearing what they had to say, he feels there may be a gap between theory and practice and that’s causing some of the issues nurses in Nanaimo are raising.

Weaver invited Island Health to attend the forum, but they withdrew at the last minute.  He says that’s regrettable, although he also understands their reluctance.