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Canadian Minister of Seniors speaks on how COVID-19 affects the elderly

While many Canadians have faced challenges associated with COVID-19, seniors have been identified as a particularly susceptible group, a designation that offers a unique set of problems.

“I just really want to assure Canadians and seniors that they have a team that is working 24/7, in all levels of government, to keep them safe,” said the Canadian Minister of Seniors, Deb Schulte.

“It’s very encouraging to see what’s happened in BC with the work that’s been done by the Province and public health,” she added.

Shulte discussed the importance of charitable organizations and other community supports who have been working with seniors.

Unfortunately, seniors in long-term care homes have been adversely affected by the virus.

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Shulte advised those locked down in long-term care to: “stay apart physically but get close socially,” through things such as video conferencing or telephone calls.

She also expressed the importance of supporting low and modest-income seniors through a GST credit, which will lead to a supplementary payment of close to $400 per adult and $600 for couples, which should be expected by mid-April.

Finally, Shulte concluded by encouraging communities to come together to support each other, and the elderly.

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