She’s calling it a productive four years.

North Island-Powell River MP Rachel Blaney is proud of the work she has been able to do in Parliament.

Now that the session has ended for the summer, with an election looming in October, she’s hopeful she will have the chance to continue what she’s been doing.

“What I hope to get accomplished if and when I’m re-elected is just to continue to work with stakeholders in the community, with community members, with the municipalities and the regional district,” said Blaney. “We get things done because we all focus really hard on working together, we identify clearly what the issues are in our riding and were able to get that message across.”

One of the accomplishments she points to is helping BC Ferries apply for federal funding.

She said this didn’t lower ferry costs, but it meant they didn’t go up either.

Blaney added that she’s happy about the funding for housing that the North Island and Powell River received.

“We’ve had over $13 million dollars come into the riding for housing, we still have a huge challenge with housing in our riding and that’s going to take a long time,” said Blaney. “I’m glad to see some significant amounts of money coming in to provide support for housing.”

She said she’s looking forward to when Parliament comes back after the October election.