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Kenney and Horgan keep pipeline talks civil despite disagreeing; Chemical exposure at work increases risk of women giving birth to autistic babies

Meeting between Alberta and B.C. premiers called diplomatic and positive

Alberta and B.C. premiers are keeping talks civil regarding the Trans Mountain pipeline. Both stand on opposite ends of the spectrum with Jason Kenney pushing for expansion and John Horgan trying to stop it. While neither will budge on their opinion, a meeting between the two in Edmonton was described as diplomatic.

Saudi Arabia owes Canada over $1 billion for armoured vehicles 

Canada isn’t stopping shipments of armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia despite being owed over $1 billion. CTV news reported that Canada shipped over 200 combat vehicles between 2016 and 2018, most of them were light-armoured. The estimated total worth is almost $2 billion. The Saudis reportedly haven’t been paying.

Allied nations call detention of two Canadians harmful

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Canada is gaining support from a coalition of countries in freeing two detained citizens in China. The Canadian Press said Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland told reports that other world leaders believe frivolous detentions like this are harmful. Justin Trudeau is currently at the G20 summit in Japan, trying to rally allies for support.

Women 1.5 times more likely to birth autistic babies if exposed to chemicals at work

Exposure to workplace chemicals can make women more likely to give birth to babies with autism. A study from Occupational and Environmental Medicine looked at 750 mothers and how much they interacted with chemicals generally found at work. It found mothers with autistic kids were 1.5 times more likely to have been exposed to chemicals.

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