The District of Sechelt’s mayor met with provincial government officials to discuss the sinkhole problems at the Seawatch neighbourhood.

But the District is mum about what the conversation entailed saying they will communicate with the residents first.

But, former Seawatch resident Chris Moradian said they’ve been given no information directly at all from the District since they were evacuated almost a month ago and he’s frustrated.

“If you are working on something, if you are working on a resolution, if you are trying to find a solution, if you are working with various ministries via federal, provincial, local, whatever they are, why is it you cannot talk about it. You can simply say I haven’t got anything concrete, I’ve got nothing solid but I’ve had a meeting, I’ve had this, I’ve had that and, I am trying to do this. If you are truly working, what harm would it be to say what you are doing?”

When the evacuation order was issued, provincial officials said the issue was a complicated one that had been developing over a number of years.

They recommended the local authority contact the municipal insurance association and reach out to the Insurance Bureau of Canada to see what may be provided to homeowners.

Mayor Darnelda Siegers said the District would be having those conversations the week after the evacuations, but no information has been forthcoming on that front.

We called the District for comments following the provincial meeting but were told Siegers was going to communicate with residents first