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Team Canada Captain facing online abuse; Pelosi re-elected Speaker of U.S. House of Representatives

Team Canada Captain facing online abuse after penalty shot

The captain of Canada’s world junior hockey team says the abuse being hurled at him on social media shows that cyber bullying is a real problem.

Nineteen-year-old Maxime Comtois has been the target of vicious attacks since he missed a penalty shot last night that cost Canada a chance at getting a medal in the tournament. A Quebec politician says the insults against the Quebec native are anti-francophone racism.

Pelosi re-elected Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

California Democrat Nancy Pelosi has become the first woman in history to be elected for a second time as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

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The near party-line majority vote makes her the country’s most powerful Democrat as the party begins two more years of confronting US President Donald Trump, but now with more powers as it controls the House. Pelosi will oversee a diverse collection of legislators that includes a record 102 women.

Majority of American Roman Catholic dioceses publishing names of sex offenders

A majority of the Roman Catholic dioceses in the US say they are now committed to publicizing the names of priests and others in the church accused of sexually abusing children.

The review conducted by the Associated Press has found that nearly 50 dioceses and religious orders have released the names of more than one-thousand priests and others accused of child molestation since a Pennsylvania grand jury report on clergy abuse in August. Fifty-five more say they’ll do the same over the next few months.

Researchers looking at smart phones to detect suicide risk

Rising suicide rates and depression among teens and young adults have prompted U.S. researchers to ask if the same devices that some blame for contributing to worsening mental health can be used to detect it.

The idea has sparked a race to develop apps that use artificial intelligence to try to predict depression episodes or potential self-harm. Teens leave digital footprints on social media and experts say changes in typing speed, voice tone, word choice and how often kids stay home could signal trouble.



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