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BlueAct Marine Society celebrates new name with no change 

The Blue Act Marine Society on the Sunshine Coast says changing their brand has allowed them to be even more community-orientated when it comes to protecting local oceans. 

Executive director Nancy Cottingham Powell says when it comes to the community image surrounding TidePools Aquarium they will still operate in the same manner, just with a centred focus on education and awareness. 

“The mission has stayed the same,” she says. “They didn’t veer from the original goal of education, inspire and change behaviour through the successful operation of a collect and release aquarium, community and education programs and conservation.”  

In a media release yesterday, TidePools Aquarium said the ultimate purpose is to provide more community action and foster a sense of awareness around ocean life and waterways in general, especially in the face of climate change.  

Cottingham Powell says she agrees wholeheartedly with the message being delivered with the new image and how they are emphasizing it to the public. 

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“There’s a golden opportunity to understand more about our oceans here,” she says. “This is a fantastic way to let people see what is under the water and this is that opportunity.” 

BlueAct Marine Society and the Nicholas Sonntag TidePools Aquarium have already planned to celebrate the new brand, including on June 8 they plan on celebrating World Ocean Day by putting hydrophone in the water so people can hear what is happening under the ocean. 

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