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Gibsons aquarium announces their fight to protect oceans and waterways 

A Gibsons non-profit says despite a change of brand they will continue to provide year-round education to protect local marine environment and coastal waterways. 

BlueAct Marine Society and Nicholas Sonntag TidePools Aquarium say they’ve announced the launch of their new names today to celebrate more than seven years of providing educational experiences and building awareness of local ecosystems and marine life.  

Board chair and former SD 46 district principal Debbie Amaral says under the new curriculum will enhance learning and student engagement while boosting academic outcomes that will impact local communities. 

“The curriculum, in combination with the real-world multi-sensory engagement that TidePools Aquarium offers, provides an extremely rich learning environment for students,” she says. “TidePools’ habitats and interactive displays stimulate students understanding of our local oceans better and becoming advocates for marine life and environmental sustainability.” 

BlueAct Marine Society board member James Askew says the goal is to inspire, educate, and change behavior to sustain healthy oceans. 

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“BlueAct Marine Society is a small but committed Sunshine Coast organization created to protect our local ocean,” he says. “They provide immersive education and volunteer experience to our regional students and other like minded citizens about marine life, environmental sustainability, and conservation.” 

According to a media release, TidePools Aquarium has provided more than 2,000 students with immersive and experiential education to support pro-environmental behaviour that sustains coastal health. 

The aquarium holds more than 70 species, including sea lilies, salifin sulpin, juvenile rockfish, and sunflower stars specific to the coastal waters of the Atl’ka7tem/Howe Sound. 

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