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Community group calls for increased action on transitional homes 

A local community association says they are worried the memorandum of understanding to address homelessness in Nanaimo isn’t even a band-aid solution. 

The province says the MOU was signed with the City of Nanaimo to help prioritize the health and safety of people sheltering outdoors, but Fred MacDonald of the Newcastle Community Association says the project doesn’t address the root cause and isn’t enough.  

MacDonald says the government has made promises since 2015 to build a new permanent facility, but in the end, they keep delivering the opposite. 

“Construction was supposed to begin on a new facility which was to be an anchor for the community to revitalize again,” MacDonald says. “This announcement throws those hopes and dreams out the door.” 

 He says putting more temporary housing in and not solving the problem only escalates the social disorder happening in the community. 

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“The mayor and council know of the issues we are facing, and efforts we are making to revitalize and bring this area to where it should be,” he says. “I guess council feels this neighbourhood isn’t worth saving.” 

MacDonald says the neighbourhood just wants a permanent facility instead of transitional housing.  

The province says 100 temporary spaces will be funded under the Homeless Encampment Action Response Teams and the Homeless Encampment Action Response Temporary Housing. 

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