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Gibsons councillor wants aquifer study for "George" project

A councillor in Gibsons is calling for a study on the potential impact of a proposed hotel/conference centre on the Town’s aquifer.

Dan Bouman has been a passionate supporter of doing more research on the aquifer, and tonight he’s going to try to convince the rest of council to back a hydrogeological study focused specifically on the site of the George project.

In a notice of motion, Bouman is suggesting the developer pay for the study and that it should be carried out by qualified professionals and subject to peer review.

Bouman also wants to see the Town set a price on the value of the aquifer to the Town and residents.

A report on the project from Town planners is expected to come forward to Committee on January 14th.

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Here is the full text of Bouman’s motion:
THAT  Waterline  Resources  be  retained  by  the  Town  (at  the
developer’s  expense)  to  draft  the  terms  of  reference  for  a
hydrogeological  study  of  the  George  hotel  and  residences
development  site,  to  determine  whether  or  not  the  proposed
development poses any risk to the  Gibsons Aquifer;
AND THAT the developer be required to ensure this study is
undertaken by a qualified professional hydrogeologist;
AND THAT the degree of risk, if any, particularly in regard to the
Aquitard of the Gibsons Aquifer, be defined in the study;
AND THAT Waterline Resources be retained by the Town (at the
expense of the developer) to peer review the study on behalf of
the Town of Gibsons;
That this study be delivered to Mayor and Council prior to any
public hearing(s) related to the project;
AND FURTHER THAT Town Staff estimate the total replacement
value (in dollars) of the Aquifer to the Town and its residents.

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