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‘I am ready to take these concerns to Ottawa’: Nanaimo Ladysmith nominee 

One Nanaimo resident says her race to be selected as the candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada will focus on helping people in the riding of Nanaimo-Ladysmith tackle the growing turmoil Canada is facing. 

Tamara Kronis, originally from Ontario, ran for the position of MP in the last federal election with the intention of advocating for the entire riding with the intent of making it safer, inclusive and a place many can be pleased to call home. 

Kronis says this is the second race for her, and she feels even more confident if a federal election is to be called because she hasn’t stopped listening to concerns from people in the riding. 

“I have spent the last three years listening to people in Nanaimo, hearing their concerns,” she says. “There is massive anxiety around government, and a strong feeling they are not listening. 

“I am ready to take the concerns I am hearing to Ottawa, and fight for what the riding needs.” 

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Kronis says with the possibility of an election, it is time residents in the riding have their voices heard around housing, mental health, and cost of living. 

“I am deeply embedded in Nanaimo which has allowed me to connect with folks here, and build relationships that we need in Ottawa,” she says. “I am going to get every penny of federal funding available to us, so we can address housing, public safety, and the mental health issues in our riding.” 

She says Canadians have had enough and government needs to approach these issues with common sense.  

According to Kronis, she is aware of one other potential nominee who is considering running to be the conservative candidate for Nanaimo-Ladysmith, but no official word has been released by the party.  

Candidates are elected by individuals who are 14 years of age and over, have no other political affiliation, and must live in the riding in order to select their candidate.  

Canadian voted in 119 conservative MPs during the 2021 federal election which put them as The Official Opposition to the Liberal Party of Canada which holds 160 seats in the House of Commons. 

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