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BC Hydro tips to stay cool and with minimal impact to your hydro bill

BC Hydro says this weekend’s heatwave could help set new records for electricity usage in May.

As the province experiences near record highs, BCers are forced to turn to air conditioning and fans to keep cool.

To keep your hydro bill down, BC Hydro is giving some tips to keep cool while conserving energy.

That includes things as simple as closing the drapes, as shading windows can block up to 65-percent of heat. They say a fan is a cheaper option to an air conditioner, running a typical fan for nine hours a day through the summer only costs around $7 total.

Their tips to stay cool while minimizing your bill are:

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  • Closing drapes and blinds
  • Shutting doors and windows
  • Using a fan
  • Cooling with a heat pump – if possible
  • Going ductless with a heat pump

They also recommend window air conditioning units over portable, because they are twice as energy efficient, with Energy Star models using 30-40% less power than standard units.

The utility company says they expect higher than normal demand to cool with the weather in the middle of this week.

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