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Border collie found and recovering after spending 73 days on the run

After over two months spent on the run in the Vancouver Island bush, a border collie is in the care of Find Local and Escaped Dogs in Nanaimo.

According to FLED co-owner Gary Shade, the dog called Rigby is a rescue from Colorado who was put in a shelter and then put in a foster home before being taken to a home in Nanaimo after a woman was looking for a dog for her dad.

Shade says Rigby was only there for about eight days and despite his new owners being fantastic people, he hopped the fence and began his journey all over the Nanaimo area.

“He had baggage when he came out of that shelter and that’s why when they adopted him out to somebody who had border collie experience who could read the breed,” said Shade.

Rigby was using the rail lines around the area to get from place to place, according to Shade, and was spotted as far south as Cassidy, and as far north as Parksville over the 73 days before eventually being trapped in a feeding station FLED set up.

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Shade adds Rigby was very thin and in poor health afterwards and is now in their care while they help the owners find a dog that better suits their lifestyle.

“He’ll probably be here for life with us, he’s just one of those dogs who’s just been bounced around so many times,” said Shade.

For those looking to get a rescue dog, Shade says by far the most important thing to do is research the breed and find one that suits your lifestyle.

“If you’re a laid-back person, likes going for car rides, don’t get a high energy dog. If you’ve got a small place, get a small dog. If you’re a hiker and you like doing things, get a sport dog,” said Shade.

“Rescue dogs are the hardest ones because you don’t know their history, no one knows their history. You get one it’s like getting a surprise package.”

Shade recommends double leashing a rescue dog and ensuring your yard is extra safe to prevent something like this from happening.

To learn more about FLED, click here. 

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