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German shepherd recovering after being dragged behind truck in Nanaimo

A German shepherd is recovering after falling out of the bed of a pickup truck and getting dragged on the road.

RCMP were alerted about the incident by a witness and they found the owner and the dog, Heidi, on the side of the road.

BC SPCA says Heidi was in critical distress and was seized and taken to a veterinary hospital where she was immediately admitted for surgery. The dog stayed at the hospital for three and a half weeks, getting around-the-clock bandages and pain management.

BC SPCA senior officer protection and stakeholder relations Eileen Drever says the incident would have caused a lot of psychological pain.

“When I first saw the pictures of Heidi’s injuries, I was shocked. Her paws and lower leg were worn down to the bone. The physical and psychological pain that this kind of tragic event would cause is unimaginable,” said Drever.

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“Transport of an unsecured pet in the back of a pick-up is illegal, but as Heidi’s case shows even tethered transport poses serious risks. The best and safest way to transport dogs is always inside the vehicle, preferably with a harness made specifically for travelling in a vehicle.”

Heidi is now at BC SPCA’s Nanaimo animal centre, staff are wishing her a speedy recovery and she will be up for adoption in mid-December.

The BC SPCA covered all the costs of her treatment.

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