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BC Ferries fares get more expensive

BC Ferries is changing its fuel surcharge for the third time this year.

Starting on November 1st, its current fuel surcharge of 2.5% will increase to 4%.

The cost for an adult will increase 70 cents and $3.15 for a vehicle and driver on the Metro Vancouver – Vancouver Island routes.

For inter-island routes, it’ll increase an average of 40 cents for an adult and $1.70 for a vehicle and driver.

In a news release, BC Ferries says that for the past 18 years, it has been using a fuel rebate/surcharge mechanism to manage the volatility in the price of fuel and it does not benefit financially from surcharges or rebates.

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When fuel prices are lower, that price is passed to customers through a fuel rebate.

When fuel prices are higher, BC Ferries adds a surcharge specifically designed to cover the additional cost.

There have also been periods where neither option is used.

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