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Publicizing substance abuse using bikes

A Vancouver Island Couple is teaming up with a Comox Valley non-profit to raise awareness of substance use.

Jen Block and Chris Globe are teaming up with the Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation to raise funds for the cause.

The pair raised $7,225 in 2021, cycling over 600 km from Port Hardy to Victoria to raise awareness of ongoing stigma against people who use substances. They hope to raise more funds this year.

“Our hope is that through the Revolution Against Stigma ride we can start to effect change by bringing people who use drugs into the conversation,” said Block. “We’re tackling stigma and raising funds to support peer inclusion and peer-led initiatives.”

The name revolution comes through a comparison the duo make between pedalling a bicycle and deaths caused by the opioid crisis.

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“When we cycle, energy is transferred into the bikes with each crank of the pedal. This energy
moves us forward by turning the wheels. This is a revolution,” they said. “When we think of the deaths caused by the poisoned drug supply, we measure by average number per day and deaths by year. These are both revolutions.”

This year’s ride will correspond with Overdose Awareness Day on Aug. 31.

To donate to the fundraiser, visit the Comox Valley Healthcare Foundation here.

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