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Nanaimo’s Breakfast Nook moves, open 7 days/week

One of Nanaimo’s high-rated local breakfast restaurants has transitioned to a new building, and to a new schedule.

The Breakfast Nook has moved down the street from their original location, and is now open all week rather than six days a week.

Carrie Williams, owner and operator of the Nook, says she was used to running her own hours before moving into the new space at the Quality Inn.

“I’ve agreed to seven days a week,” said Williams. “I close on Christmas and I’m gonna open at night, just to about nine o’clock. So it will be seven days a week, and it’ll be two shifts, a breakfast all day— a 7 to 2— and then 4 to 9 for [appetizers] and drinks.”

The menu will be staying the same for now, though Williams plans to add things such as a seafood eggs benedict as well as a soup and salad. New staff have also been added to serve customers.

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Earlier in the year, the Breakfast Nook’s outdoor patio was destroyed by a driver. With the move to the Quality Inn, the Nook has brought patio space back.

“We were in talks already,” said Williams when asked if the destroyed patio influenced the move. “I was in the process of buying the new location. We had plans to not move until the end of the summer but with that happening it kind of sped things along for sure.”

The Nook now has two patios, one large enough for two tables, and a one that allows for twenty or-so customers to sit out in the sun. At the Nook’s previous location, occasionally it was so full of customers that new ones had to wait for tables to free up.

The new location also features air conditioning, a dishwasher, but its customers may notice the lack of blue— part of the palette the old Nook had. 

“I spent time this month painting so it’s got the same yellow, it’s got the same art, it’s got plants everywhere else. I’ve changed the color inside for sure. We have the same little saying on top of the kitchen door and stuff, I tried to make it as Nook-y as I could.”

The Nook now also has a liquor license, and the move to the new location, Williams says, has been received positively by her regulars.

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