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Watch Out for the “Grandson Scheme” say RCMP

Scams continue to claim victims, the latest claiming 139-thousand dollars from three people.

The “Grandson scheme” involves a call to a senior citizen saying their grandson has been arrested.

The caller impersonates an officer, lawyer, or grandchild, and requests bail money.

While three fell prey, Media Relations Officer Constable Sarbjit K. Sangha says a total of 10 people complained of the scam to Surrey RCMP last month.

“Fraud of any type is concerning, however, targeting a senior and taking advantage of their emotions is despicable,” says. “We urge everyone to do their part and educate seniors in your life to help prevent them from falling victim to these scams.”

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To avoid losses RCMP says:

  • You should never provide personal information over the phone.
  • Don’t send money or provide credit card information to someone who is calling and asking for bail money.
  • You should ask a trusted friend or family member for their opinion about the call.

Police say you should always make a report to your detachment regarding a scam call, even if no money exchanges hands.

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