ParticipACTION says the majority of adults in Canada are not reaching recommended physical activity levels after putting out their latest report card on the topic.

The non-profit organization gave Canadians F grades for sedentary behaviours and active transportation.

The report card shows that less than half of adults take at least 7,500 steps a day and 12 per cent spend under eight hours of sedentary time each day.

“This year’s report card once again highlights the urgent need to support a well-resourced national physical activity strategy,” said ParticipACTION president and CEO Elio Antunes. ” We are calling on the government of Canada to commit to prioritizing and tackling our physical inactivity crisis. We urgently need to take collective action to ensure that healthy choices are the easy choices for everyone living in Canada.”

The full report card can be found here.

“The evidence is clear that opportunities exist for adults in Canada to adopt more active lifestyles,” said Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute board vice-chair Dr. John Spence. “While the pandemic exposed our tendency to gravitate towards sedentary behaviours, the importance of spending time outdoors and embracing physical activity were also highlighted. Engaging in daily movement is one of the best things we can do for our overall health and well-being.”