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Heat raises concerns, but doesn't break records (yet)

We’re into some hot weather, but we haven’t broken any records yet.

Both Nanaimo and the Sunshine Coast have been a few degrees shy of record highs so far this week.

The record high for July 11th is 35 degrees for Nanaimo and 32 on the Sunshine Coast.

Record-breaking or not, the weather is a concern for the Coastal Fire Centre.  Fire Information Officer Donna MacPherson says they expect danger ratings to spike over the weekend.
The heat also has RCMP reminding people not to leave pets in their vehicles.  They have the power to break car windows to get animals out, but say they’ll only go that far as a last result if the pet’s life is obviously in danger.
Nanaimo RCMP suggest the following check list before calling the police or animal control.

· Is the car parked in the sun or shade?

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· Are the windows down and does the animal have air flow?

· How long have you observed the animal?

· Does it have any water?

· Have you gone into nearby stores and tried to locate the owner/driver?

· What is the dog doing- panting, laying down, barking?

If you see the animal is panting, shaking uncontrollably, lethargic and appears to be uncoordinated, then this may be a critical situation requiring the attendance of either the police or animal control.

The 24-hour number for Animal control in Nanaimo is 250-754-1397.  The SPCA on the Sunshine Coast can be reached at 604-740-0301.
And Health Authorities are telling people not to forget basic precautions like avoiding strenuous exercise at the hottest times of day, staying hydrated, and limiting exposure to the sun.
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