Be prepared for anything, says the City of Nanaimo, as Emergency Preparedness Week kicked off on May 2nd.

The Federally directed week of awareness focuses on systems to implement in case of a natural disaster. The city is encouraging residents to draft plans to be familiar with what to do once an emergency occurs, to create an emergency kit, and to sign up for the city’s VoyentAlert! emergency notification system.

“As citizens we have to work together and support the collective response to COVID-19 and reduce the risks found in our community,” said Nanaimo Mayor, Leonard Krog. “We realize now more than ever how important it is to prepare for the unexpected.”

You can start by taking the city’s “Are You Prepared” quiz – on their website – which asks questions about your current state of preparedness. 

The city encourages you to make a  plan that covers anything from emergency exits in the house to meeting places should certain places be unsafe, or require evacuation. 

The next step is building an emergency kit – a set of supplies to keep you topped up and comfortable for at least 72 hours in the event of a loss of tap water or power. 

“Many City of Nanaimo residents have started to build an emergency kit and there is no time like today to complete it,” Krog said. “A few simple actions will help you build upon all of the hard work you already have in place.”

The emergency kit covers anything from food and water, to clothing, first-aid items and even prescription medication – along with a plethora of other optional items to remember.

How to Prepare an Emergency Kit:

The VoyentAlert! emergency notification system used by many smaller communities throughout Canada. It is an app that can be installed, and allows city governments to send a variety of notifications from boil water notifications, to pandemic updates as well as emergency updates.

For more information on Emergency Preparedness Week, check out the city’s Personal Preparedness page.