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Face coverings to be mandatory at BC Ferries terminals, vessels starting Aug. 24th

If you plan on taking the ferry, remember to bring your non-medical mask or face covering.

Starting August 24th, all walk-on and vehicle passengers will need to wear face coverings at all times when at a BC Ferries terminal or on a BC Ferries ship.

Exceptions will be made if a customer is inside a vehicle or consuming food or drinks while maintaining physical distance.

Also exempt are those with an underlying medical condition or disability, those who are unable to place or remove a face covering without assistance, and children under the age of two.

This requirement also applies to BC Ferries employees, except those working behind a physical barrier or within employee only areas while maintaining physical distance.

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“BC Ferries’ priority is the health and safety of our employees and customers,” said president and CEO Mark Collins. “We urge and expect our customers to behave responsibly when they are travelling with us.”

Collins warns travellers not following the new rule could be banned from travelling with the service.

“We understand that many customers are anxious about COVID-19 and our employees are doing great work to accommodate customers during this time,” he added.

“I want to remind customers that we do not tolerate any form of abuse, including verbal abuse, towards our employees. Failure to follow direction and abuse of any kind will result in denial of travel.”

Previously, BC Ferries only required face coverings in situations where physical distancing wasn’t possible, and on sailings longer than 30 minutes.

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