Parts of the Sunshine Coast Regional District are under a local state of emergency this afternoon.

The state of emergency also comes with an evacuation alert advisory for residents of Area D, near Roberts Creek.

The alert was sent out at 3:00pm by the Sunshine Coast Regional District.

The district says because of the risk of debris flow caused by localized flooding and because of the
potential danger to life and health, the alert was issued.

Residents living in the following areas are asked to evacuate their homes as safely and as quickly as possible.

Addresses in Roberts Creek – Area D for evacuation alert:
• 1994 & 1998 Ocean Beach Esplanade
• Lot 6, Plan VAP6446, District Lot 2497
• 1843 & 1847 Lower Rd
• 2044 Ocean Beach Esplanade

The district says residents may be asked to leave their residence on 10 minutes notice and travel to reception centres, which will be identified to them.

Plans exist to establish several regional reception centres where temporary lodging and food services would be available.

Should residents be required to leave, detailed evacuation instructions will be provided directly
to them by local emergency personnel. In the meantime, the district says residents should prepare by organizing an emergency supply kit with necessary medications, personal toiletries, change of clothing and personal and family documents.

An Emergency Operations Centre has been activated by the Sunshine Coast Regional District.

For more information, please visit or call 604-885-6800.