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Smartphones Can Become Addictive

Worried about the amount of time you spend looking at your smartphone? Is too much of your life wasted texting, or reading posts and responding on social media?

When internet-connected devices begin to dominate your life, perhaps it’s time to consider whether you’re becoming addicted to them.

Michael McLaughlin of Gibsons is the founder of a counseling service called the Center for Healthy Internet Use.

McLaughlin says the reality of smartphones is that while they are good at connecting people,they can also block you from having meaningful interactions with the world around you.

McLaughlin and other counselors launched C-H-I-U over concerns that smartphones and internet technology have become particularly invasive and negatively affect quality of life.

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He says smartphone addicts develop cravings for the device, get a sense of separation when not holding it, and experience a rush at the thought of using it.

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