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Concerns rise as Canada could back out of promise to increase AIDS prevention funding; Canadians sympathize with children of defected ISIS fighters but not wives

Canada may not increase world disease relief funding for first time

There is a growing concern in medical circles around the world that Canada is backing out on its promise to eliminate certain diseases. Back in 2016 Justin Trudeau promised a 24 percent increase to the country’s Global Fun contribution to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and Malaria. The Canadian Press reports that there may be no increase at all.

60% of citizens believe orphaned Canadian children of ISIS fighters should return

While most Canadians are sympathetic of orphaned children of defected ISIS fighters, it’s quite the opposite when it comes to the adults. A survey commissioned by CTV News found 60 per cent of the 1,000 random Canadians surveyed support bringing back orphaned children to families who left to join ISIS. Only three in 10 felt the same about the wives though.

New Orleans warned about flash floods and Tornadoes after hurricane

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Things aren’t getting any easier for the people of New Orleans as Hurricane Barry was downgraded to a tropical depression. The Associated Press reported that the residents are being warned they could now face flash floods and tornadoes. There have been no reports of deaths and there is no damage estimate yet.

New rules force airlines to better communicate delays and reimburse passengers getting bumped

Canadian air travellers can rejoice as their new rights kick in today. The CBC reported that the new rules from the Canadian Transport Agency force airlines to communicate better with passengers about delays or cancellations. Travellers will also be reimbursed up to $2,400 if they get bumped from a fight.

Safer cars not affecting insurance rates

Technology is making cars safer so why aren’t insurance rates going down for drivers? The CBC reported it’s because that technology costs a lot to repair or replace when damaged. Things like Automatic Emergency Braking and lane departure assistance are helping to prevent the most common accidents but don’t make vehicles crash proof.

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