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Canada-wide warrant issued for dangerous sex offender; Russian submarine that had a fire on board turns out to be nuclear

Man convicted of violent sex acts missing since Tuesday

A Canada-wide warrant was issued for a high-risk sex offender. Johnathan Cardinal failed to return to his halfway house in Vancouver and has been missing since Tuesday. The 29-year-old is considered dangerous. Cardinal was convicted of two violent sex acts back in 2010 and was under Corrections Canada supervision.

Reactor isolated from fire on Russian submarine

A fire in a Russian submarine that killed 14 people could have been even more tragic. The Associated Press reported that President Vladamir Putin confirmed it was a nuclear sub. At first, officials refused to answer details on the incident. The number of survivors was not released, but the reactor is completely isolated and in full working order.

“Grain-free” dog food linked to heart condition

Sixteen brands of dog food have been linked to a deadly heart condition. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said the brands are associated with Canine dilated cardiomyopathy which causes a thinning of the hearts muscular wall. Affected dogs may lose weight and collapse suddenly. The brands were often labelled “grain free.”

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