The Town of Gibsons is urging residents to take the Cape Town Challenge this Sunday.

The inspiration for the event comes from Cape Town, South Africa, which recently endured a drought so bad, the government was forced to contemplate “day zero”, the day the city would shut off the taps and citizens would have to travel to water dispensing points to collect a daily water ration.

In response, the government restricted each citizen’s water use to 50 litres per day.

This Sunday, Gibsons’ Mayor, Bill Beamish is asking Coastal residents to take the “Cape Town Challenge” and experience for one day what it would be like to limit daily water use to 50 liters per person.

Currently the average Gibsons resident uses 250 litres a day.

The hope is participants will re-evaluate their relationship with water and integrate new ways to conserve water into their daily lives.