The Clean Air Society is rejoicing at the fact there is no more backyard burning allowed for most of the Sunshine Coast until October.

The Society says the inconsistent rules on the Coast are confusing.

The Society says while the Town of Gibsons does not permit campfires, Langdale and Elphinstone, which surround it, are subject to a different bylaw.

The District of Sechelt Burning bylaw allows for nothing but campfires while the Sechelt Indian Government bylaw permits garden refuse to be burnt between October 15th and April 15th.

Flanking them both, Roberts Creek and Halfmoon Bay bylaws limit the burning of Class B piles to only between April 1st to the 15th and October 15th to November 15th.

In Roberts Creek, there are further restrictions depending on the size of the property.

In Pender Harbour burning is allowed anytime the venting index is “GOOD” provided the Coastal Fire Centre hasn’t called for a ban due to dry conditions.