Local residents are banding together to help residents who are affected by the evacuation order at Seawatch.

14 houses are currently sitting empty in the subdivision after the evacuation order was issued last Friday afternoon.

Local business owners Gina Stockwell and Glenn Hafey (hey-fee) started an online fundraiser and have raised over $9000 already.

Hafey says their goal is to get to $50,000.

“A few of us recognized that there would be some significant short term financial needs for these people who were evacuated,” said Hafey.

“Maybe not all of them but a lot of them do need the help. And we chose this method because it’s accessible and a majority of the funds will go towards the Seawatch people, instead of going towards the online site.”

The link to the fundraiser: https://fundrazr.com/d1Sem0?ref=ab_6QN7QZD9YYr6QN7QZD9YYr )