Police are recommending that you to stay home unless you have the right tires and are properly prepared.

More weather warnings have been issued.

Snow can be heavy at times in some areas and side roads and back road conditions can be unpredictable and become dangerous in a short amount of time.

Sunshine Coast RCMP Constable Karen Whitby says it’s a good idea to have emergency materials in your car in case you get into an accident and emergency crews and tow trucks are tied up.

“There are a few things you can keep in your car,” said Whitby.

“Make sure you’ve got a blanket or warm clothes with you. Appropriate footwear is a good idea in case you have to get out and push your car or walk home. It’s also a good idea to always have your phone charged.”

Whitby says the best way to stay safe is to driving slowly, don’t tailgate and drive according to weather conditions, and that means you may have to drive below the speed limit.