The trio was given the Top 3 Mission award by Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue for their help with an incident around Porpoise bay last September.

Peter Forster, who is one of the recipients of this award says a boat carrying five people broke down, one of the boaters jumped into the water without a life jacket, a second person who had a life jacket jumped in to help.

But and then the boat started to drift away and a third person who also had a life jacket tried to jump in to help. The three ended up being stuck in the water for an hour or so before someone heard their yells for help.

“The message here is that we want everyone to wear a lifejacket,” said Forster.

“The PFDs need to be properly fitted, especially when a young kid is involved. You never know what can happen when you’re out on the water. You could bump your head, fall into the water and be thankful that you’re floating.”

Erin Heeny and Trevor Chapman were the two other recipients of this award.