Two down and one more to go.

Sechelt’s Mayor and its Councillors are officially sworn in.

Mayor Darnelda Siegers who made her speech in front of approximately 200 residents at the inaugural council meeting focused on the past and also moving forward.

“Sechelt and the Sechelt people were here long before were and will be here long after this council is gone,” said Siegers.

“We look back and acknowledge the past and those people and events that brought us here today. The job you elected us to do is to build on that past and lead us all into the future. The lense we must look through to do that is not from today, but from the tomorrow we envision for our families.”

The District of Sechelt won’t be appointing a Deputy Mayor, instead, there will be an appointment of an Acting Mayor every month.

Siegers and Councillor Tom Lamb will serve as the Sunshine Coast Regional District Representative.

Councillor Alton Toth and Brenda Rowe will serve as the alternates.

The swearing in of the new Sunshine Coast Regional District directors will happen tomorrow afternoon. (1:30 THURS)

There will also be a vote for the Chair and the Vice-Chair of the SCRD Board by the directors.