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Fake accident sends real message

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More than a hundred Elphinstone Secondary students spent their lunch hour Friday watching a horrific traffic accident.

It had all the hallmarks of the real thing; smashed cars, broken glass, and shattered lives.

It was part of a program designed to hammer home the dangers of distracted driving.

Harvey Kooner is an ICBC road safety coordinator.

The students also got a chance to try out distracted driving simulators, and “fatal vision goggles” a special kind of glasses that cause the same effects as being drunk.

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Ted Swan is a paramedic, and a road safety speaker with ICBC.  He gave the follow-up presentation after the mock crash.  He says it was a realistic scene, and really got people’s attention.


Swan says texting and driving is just one of the dangerous habits they want young drivers to shake off.

Swan says in the end young drivers have a choice: cave to peer pressure or do the right thing.  He also says people like him are working toward the day where the pressure coming from peers is to put the phone down and be a safer driver.


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