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‘Unpredictable’ road conditions has ICBC asking drivers to stay safe Easter weekend

The Island and Lower Mainland may be rainy and crowded during this Easter weekend.

The Insurance Corporation of BC says every long Easter weekend, there are an average of two people killed and 610 injured in 2,200 crashes in BC.

On Vancouver Island, that’s an average of 70 people are injured in 310 crashes, based on ICBC data from 2017 to 2021.

Although there has not been much rain on the island, the weather is often unpredictable. You’re asked to slow down, as the posted speed limit is only for dry, sunny weather. Avoid driving through washed out areas, and increase your following distance to four seconds.

More people may be on the road during the spring as tourists visit Vancouver Island as well.

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ICBC advises drivers who are going for long trips to check on their vehicles (such as oil, washer fluid, tires) to make sure it’s in good condition before heading out. This also includes ensuring you have a spare tire, as well as an emergency kit.

You should also be well rested, and occasionally should swap out driving with others if possible.

With spring, more motorcyclists will be on the roads, some of which may be riding for the first time this year. Allow three to four seconds of distance between yourself and a motorcycle, and give plenty of room. 

When turning left or right, shoulder check to ensure a motorcycle or bicycle is not passing you.

Wildlife will also be about this spring. Be extra alert during dusk or dawn, or if you see an animal grazing by the side of the road.

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