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Nanaimo Conservatory of Music

Nanaimo Conservatory of Music

The Connections

The quality that sets humanity apart from other creatures is our creativity! From the first time our ancestors used a stick to knock a fruit out of a tree, to realizing that tree made an interesting sound when they missed the fruit and hit the trunk; Human’s capacity for creation is unbridled. We even turned those interesting sounds into rhythms, melodies, and most importantly ways to connect.



Music is the first history, the first community event, how we honour those that have come before and how we show our joy when someone new comes into our lives. The Nanaimo Conservatory of Music wants to help you find your connection to music.

Fretting over Ferries

Before the Nanaimo Conservatory of Music’s inception, in 1977, aspiring musicians had to take the long (and Pricey) trip into Vancouver, or to Victoria. It was especially hard for any musicians hoping to be more specialized or wanted a higher level of musical training.

Now the NCM is a proud member of the Central Island Community! The community has responded with incredible support through various recitals and concerts. As a not for profit organization, the NCM is incredibly thankful for the Central Island Community’s financial support so they can continue to teach valuable musical skills to every skill level and age!

From Amateur to Maestro


The Nanaimo Conservatory believes in a good start for a strong finish. To do that, the NCM makes sure that all new students are paired with highly skilled and experienced teachers. This way each student isn’t just taught the basics, but they learn to how use them in creative ways. NCM wants their students to be able to do more than play sheet music exactly as it appears; they give them the tools to create their own music.

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Shows and Concerts

To give all their students the full experience the NCM takes part in the annual Upper Island Music Festival, and encourages students to compete in other music festivals and competitions. This will help any aspiring musician get any potential stage fright, and give them the confidence to perform in front of any sized crowd.

Teaching in the digital age


That’s why The NCM is offering a discount from August 15th to September 14th, to help encourage everyone to register for classes. In an effort to facilitate all concerns and situations, The NCM offers online courses and in person.


Not for Profit… for potential

The NCM has been teaching people how to tap into their creativity, and how to express themselves through music. They do this because they know without Music, humanity would be a pretty boring group to belong to. Their interest in teaching and supporting first and foremost, means that each student is seen as a person and not price point. Whether you’ve just picked up your instrument, or there are finger grooves worn into it, the Nanaimo Conservatory of Music has something to teach you!


To take advantage of the discounted registration fee between August 15 & September 14; call the Nanaimo Conservatory for music at (250) 754-4611. You can send them an email at [email protected]. Check out their Facebook page for updates and news – www.facebook.com/nanaimoconservatory.ofmusic






Website: www.ncmusic.ca




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